Supernatural: Favorite Songs?

I’ll try to clarify what I mean by this. A favorite song or songs from Supernatural that you like very much. There are so many songs used in the show so I’ll list a few of my favorites since I can’t pick one.

  1. Carry on wayward son by Kansas – Played mostly during the road so far recap. Its also known as the unofficial song of Supernatural.
  2. Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi – Kinda describes Dean Winchester. And its awesome.
  3. Back in Black by AC/DC – You will be rocking out to this tune while driving along the highway.
  4. Fight The Good Fight by Triumph – One of those confidence boost songs. Getting ready for the battle of a lifetime.
  5. Renegade by Styx – I think this song describes both Sam and Dean. Or just one of the brothers. But its worth a listen.
  6. When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin – Its a really good song. It was used in the episode Swan Song if I can recall.

And that’s the list.

Supernatural: Least Favorite Monster?

Leviathans are my least favorite monster. They are so creepy and weird. And the black goo doesn’t help either. They were the focus of Season 7. Their weakness is Borax which is a type of cleaning spray. Or I guess any cleaning spray will do. I think what makes this worse is that.. there is a man named Dick Roman who is their leader. And he kinda creeps me out a bit. I guess its his smile or the way he looks but.. yeah. Avoid them at all costs.

Supernatural: Dream Episode?

I’ll clear this up before I begin. A dream episode is an episode in which you dreamed about and wish it was real. (I could be wrong on that though)

Anyway, my dream episode for Supernatural would be about The Viewer (In their POV) being sent into the Supernatural Universe by an angel or a creature with the power to send people to another universe. And then Sam and Dean try to help the viewer figure out what happened and help them get back to where they belong.

While thats going on, Sam, Dean and The Viewer chat about their own lives. Castiel may appear at one point to help them along the way too. Sam and Dean aren’t really sure if they should trust The Viewer or not but its up to the episode itself to see where it goes.

And once they figure out what happened, they stop whoever is behind it all and use a spell to bring The Viewer back to their own Universe. (With the help of Castiel’s angel mojo of course)

Then the episode ends with The Viewer smiling because they just had an awesome time working alongside The Winchester brothers. And then Carry on wayward son plays near the end as The Winchester brothers drive off in The Impala and they both wave goodbye to the camera (As if they were waving at us) before the screen goes black and the credits roll.

Pretty neat huh? It kinda reminds me of the Season 11 episode Baby. Except the POV was in the Impala.

Supernatural: Bloodlines

There was actually an attempt at a spinoff called Supernatural: Bloodlines. There was a backdoor pilot and.. it didn’t do very well. (It was from Season 9 and its the 20th episode) Its not really the same without The Winchester brothers. It was about monsters and hunters clashing in the streets or something like that. You can pretty much skip this one if you want. However, if you are interested go ahead and see what you think of it.

Supernatural: Favorite Episodes?

Oh wow.. where do I start? There are just so many to choose from. I’ll just list a few of my favorites.

  1. Pilot – The start of it all. And how Sam and Dean became hunters.
  2. French Mistake – The best part about this episode is how Sam and Dean came into our world and got confused as to what was going on. But they manage to get back to their own world.
  3. Mystery Spot – Dean dies alot and wackyness ensues. But in the end things are okay.
  4. Lazarus Rising – The first appearance of Castiel. And its pretty awesome.
  5. Black – The episode in which Dean comes back as a demon. And he has the mark of Cain and the first blade. (Short lived though. Would of been cool to see Demon!Dean again. But I understand the reason why he had to be cured.)
  6. Baby – The episode I enjoyed the most. It’s in the POV (Point of View) of The Impala and its actually like you are in it. Now thats cool!

And thats it.

Batman: Under The Red Hood

And now we come to this movie. The most awesome brilliant movie I have ever seen. Batman: Under The Red Hood. Why, do you ask? Its just so.. awesome. The setting, the characters, the style, everything about the movie makes it awesome. And whats even better is that Jensen Ackles is in the movie. (The actor who plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural) So whats the story about? Its about Jason Todd and how he became Red Hood.

To be honest, I never knew Red Hood could be so cool! I mean the fighting style, the weapons.. its just so cool! The soundtrack is really good too. I only watched this at least once. I may watch it again one day. But for now, I’ll leave it at that.


Batman Beyond

What can I tell you about Batman Beyond? Its an awesome show. I really like the setting and the characters. I also think Terry McGinnis is cute as well. I haven’t finished it yet since I’m taking my time watching it. It only had 3 seasons and a movie.

The movie was called Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (Or for people in Europe and other places, Batman of The Future: Return of The Joker) There was also two versions of the movie. A uncut version (PG – 13) and a censored version (Not Rated). The uncut version left everything in tact. However for the censored version, they had to heavily edit things in the movie. I’ll explain down below.

So what happened was that the blood color was changed from red (Uncut) to purple in the censored version. And scenes had to be cut or changed due to the content in the censored version as well. The ending however, depending what version you watch is the same thing but something is a bit different when you see the scene in which Harley bails The Dee Dee Twins out of jail. In the uncut version you see Elderly Harley Quinn wearing blue and purple. In the censored version She is wearing red and black like her Jester Outfit.

This is the only movie with the two cuts. And it has a cool Soundtrack. The movie is amazing and just seeing everything collide together makes it a good watch. Just be prepared when you see The Joker and his Jokerz crew. They are dangerous.


Well I just finished watching Season 6 of Smallville and now i’m getting ready to watch Season 7 and above. (In total there are 10 seasons)

It may take me a week or so to finish the rest of Smallville but I can manage. Or unless I go on a binge watch and watch all episodes of each season. Probably not a good idea.. but then again I have done that before with previous seasons.