TV Talk: Day 18

Tv show: The Sopranos

Aired: January 10th, 1999 – June 10th, 2007

About: It revolves around a fictional Italian-American Mafia family In Northern New Jersey lead by Tony Soprano.

Would I recommend: If you like Crime or Drama then this is the show for you.

Other Info: I’m very lucky to find shows like these.


TV Talk: Day 17

Tv show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Aired: August 28th, 1993 – November 27th, 1995 (There was a re-version in 2010 which had a new logo, comic book-reference graphics and extra alternative special effects)

About: A group of teenagers are teleported to Zordon and then become Power Rangers to stop the evil Rita Repulsa from taking over Earth.

Would I recommend: If you are a Power Rangers Fan.

Other Info: I used to watch this show.