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Random Post 86

I always find it really cool to watch tv shows/movies in different languages. Because not only you get to learn the language but see how it was aired/shown in a different language. Even better, you can have subtitles to follow along to if you own a copy of the tv show/movie itself on various formats.


Random Post 85

Its kinda weird watching old tv shows. Well, weird in a good way of course. All of these shows I never heard about until now. Tv shows back then were either good or bad depending on the show itself. They were either original ideas or from some sort of source material.

But I can’t understand why we can’t have those kind of shows anymore. I mean, all we get now are reboots, revivals or anything of the sort. The only shows I watch are ones I heard about or did research about it online.

I guess we live in that age now where things are being rebooted or revived. As long as we enjoy the shows we are watching, I think thats what really matters most. But at some point, tv shows will come to an end or get cancelled due to low ratings or something of the sort.

All we can do for now is watch our favorite shows. Past, or Present. Or even Future for that matter.

Random Post 84

To be honest, I think songs are really amazing to listen to because they can make you happy, sad, angry, or any other emotion. But I think whats important is that they are here to keep us motivated and give us the confidence to do things we can’t really do.

Random Post 78

I had a fun time at comic con. People complimented me on my cosplay, Bought some stuff and I also got Ruth Connell’s autograph as well. I think one day at comic con is better than three days because it’s less expensive. At least that’s what I think anyway.