TV Talk: Day 15

Tv Show: Guy’s Grocery Games

Aired: October 20th 2013 – ????

About: Guy Fieri hosts this show about Four Chefs competing in a grocery store and there are also special twists and challenges. There are 3 rounds and each chef gets eliminated after each round. The last person left can win up to $20,000 dollars in a shopping spree.

Would I recommend: If you like competitions being in a grocery store and those special twists and challenges as well.

Other Info: I wonder if the grocery store they are in is just a green screen.

Random Post 30

Here’s a fun fact: Supernatural is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia and surrounding areas as well. It was also in development for nearly ten years, as creator Eirk Kripke spent several years unsuccessfully pitching it. The Pilot was viewed by an estimated 5.69 million viewers.

Another fun fact: The series is currently airing it’s Tenth Season, and in January of 2015, The CW renewed it for an eleventh season.

Starting March 18th, Supernatural is being moved to Wednesday Nights. It will be the same time, but different day. So that’s a plus. Good luck!

TV Talk: Day 13

Tv Show: Kids Baking Championship

Aired: 2nd February 2015 – ????

About: Eight Tweens (Who range from 10-13) Compete in a series of challenges in which they will have to test their cooking abilities and try to make the best desserts to impress the judges. (Who are Duff Goldman, And a new edition to the Food Network Family, Valerie Bertinelli.)

Would i recommend: Well, if you like Baking Championships be my guest. I find it to be a bit boring to be honest.

Other Info: I think we are hitting a new low here. They used the same set as The Holiday Baking Championship and The Logo is just a different color. Talk about lazy.

TV Talk: Day 12

Tv show: Duff Till Dawn

Aired: 29th January 2015 – ????

About: A Reality competition in which two teams of cake decorators are against eachother to face challenges that test their creativity and skills.

Would i Recommend: To be honest, no. It’s very cheesy. I watched a bit of it and I found it cheesy and it looked like it was fake.

Other Info: The two teams have to stay up all night. Talk about crazy if you ask me.