Bad Movie Watch: Day 16

Movie: Sharknado

Year: 2013

Budget: $250,000

About: A hurricane hits LA, causing sharks to appear.

Review: I was at my friend’s house and i saw this movie. It was cheesy, but not a bad movie.

Other Info: The Australian guy in the movie, i noticed that he looked a bit like John Winchester from Supernatural.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 15

Movie: Manos: The Hands of Fate

Year: 1966

Budget: $19,000

About: A hapless family on a car trip in rural Texas take refuge at an inn that harbors a deadly cult.

Review: I actually saw this movie on MST3k. It was bad, really bad. Many movies are worse, but this one takes the cake. If you are willing to sit through this movie, it will get boring at some point, so grab some popcorn, chips, or whatever you have in the pantry and enjoy this snooze fest.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 14

Movie: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Year: 1990

Budget: Unknown

About: A rock and roll detective named Ford Fairlane (Yes, it’s silly) solves a case about a murdered Rock Star. And blah blah blah.

Review: The most cheesiest movie ever watched. You can give this a watch. But just remember this: Ford Fairlane is the most insane rock and roll detective i have ever seen.

Other Info: This movie got razzies, for Worst Actor, Worst Picture, and Worst Screen Play. It was also nominated for Worst Director, and Twice for Worst Supporting Actor. Box Office: $21, 413, 250. (Domestic)

Bad Movie Watch: Day 13

Movie: Moonraker

Year: 1979

Budget: 34 million dollars

About: James Bond goes into space to stop Drax, pretty much it. (And puns, can’t forget those)

Review: I didn’t like it very much. And Jaws got a girlfriend?! What!?  No, just no. If you like James Bond, i recommend this movie, just make sure you don’t get confused during the part where James Bond goes into space. SPAAAACE

TV Talk: Day 5

TV Show: Elementary

Aired: 2012 – ????

Other Info: Watson is a Girl, and Mycroft has a mustache.

About: It’s about Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) And Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) Working together in New York. (The TV Executives (Or whoever) of this show wanted to make a US version of BBC Sherlock, but the BBC was like “Nope” And so they made this instead.)

Would i recommend: That’s entirely up to you, but i would strongly recommend BBC Sherlock. This show is probably best for new people or people who don’t know what Sherlock Holmes is about.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 12

Movie: For your eyes only

Year: 1981

Budget: 28 million dollars

About: Explosions, Death, Making-out, puns, etc. Your typical bond movie.

Review: It was bad, and the song by Sheena Easton is just..bad. Why is it called For your eyes only? It should be called: I Love Being Awesome and You don’t know it. Give this a watch if you really like James Bond movies. Just..don’t be alarmed when you hear alot of puns.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 11

Movie: Quantum Of Solace

Year: 2008

Budget: 200 million dollars

About: James Bond seeks revenge after his lover dies (Vesper Lynd) And he soon meets Dominic Greene. And a Bond Girl, and well you get the idea.

Review: Overall, this movie was bad. BAAAD. The theme song was whiny!

Bad Movie Watch: Day 10

Movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Year: 1969

Budget: 7 million dollars

About: James Bond is back, and he faces his most dangerous enemy, Blofeld. But this time in the mountains of the swiss alps.

Review: It’s the worst Bond movie i have ever seen. The ending was bad! So bad that i was puzzled. If you like James Bond, give this a watch. But just make sure you are prepared for the ending.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 9

Movie: Batman Forever

Year: 1995

Budget: 100 million dollars

About: Batman and Robin team up to stop Two-Face and The Riddler from taking over Gotham.

Review: It’s bad, not as bad as Batman and Robin though. At least they tried their best. The Ridder’s plan however was stupid. A Brainwashing machine to make you powerful? No, just no. If you want to watch this movie, be my guest. Just..try not to laugh too hard.