Bad Movie Watch: Day 33

Movie: Bad Taste

Year: 1987

Budget: 25,000$

About: A town has been overrun by man eating aliens disguised as humans in blue shirts. A rag tag group of humans try to stop the aliens before it is too late.

Review: The music was really weird, it was gross as in.. way too gross. And the effects were cheesy. The 48min mark was the closet that was gotten into the movie itself. I would only recommend this movie if you enjoy obscure cult movies and can stomach the gross out scenes.



Bad Movie Watch: Day 32

Movie: Battlefield Earth

Year: 2000

Budget: 73 million

About: In the year 3000, Earth is a wasteland and the remaining humans are being used as human slave labors for the Psychlos, a race of human like aliens.

Review: The scenery were nice, but the green/blue screen effects were not that great. As for the plot itself.. it was an interesting idea but I think they were trying to fit everything all too much into the movie itself. Turel is really greedy and his voice reminds me of Metatron from Supernatural. The titled camera angles didn’t help either since it looked like it was filmed on a slope. As for the tinted scenes, it was colorful but overused in some scenes.

Other Info: There were plans for spin-offs and sequels/follow ups but that never emerged.

Additional Info: This movie got Razzie Awards. And it was cited as one of the worst movies ever made.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 31

Movie: Death Race 2000

Year: 1975

Budget: $300,000 – $530,000

About: Set in a dystopian future, there is a popular sport called the Transcontinental Road Race in which drivers compete against each-other and gain points during the Race.

Review: I actually saw this movie, and to be honest it wasn’t that bad.

Other Info: Sylvester Stallone is in the movie as one of the drivers.

Additional Info: There was a remake, two direct to dvd prequels, a direct to dvd sequel, and a official movie sequel.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 30

Movie: Miami Vice

Year: 2006

Budget: 135 million dollars

About: James “Sonny” Crockett (Collin Farrell) and his partner Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) go undercover to fight a drug trafficking operation.

Review: It was actually not a bad movie. It has its cheesy moments though.

Other Info: The soundtrack was supposed to be composed by Jan Hammer but he didn’t want to be involved. So they got someone else to do it instead. There are two versions of this movie, a theatrical version and a extended cut version. The only difference is the run-time and the opening scene. In the theatrical version it just starts up in the nightclub. However in the extended cut it starts out with a opening sequence with the boats riding on the water before it switches to the nightclub scene. The theatrical version’s run time is 132 minutes while the extended cut is 140 minutes.

Extra Info: It earned 163.8 million dollars in the box office.

Additional Info: I have seen both the extended cut and the theatrical cut of the movie. If I have to pick which version is better, I would say the extended cut but only because of the addition of a opening scene. Its the only version with it since the theatrical cut starts out in the nightclub scene.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 29

Movie: The Fantastic Four

Year: 1994

Budget: 1 Million dollars

About: Roger Corman’s take on the Fantastic Four.

Review: I actually didn’t mind this movie, it’s one of those movies that even though it’s cheesy you can still watch it. On the plus side is that Dr.Doom actually looks cool.

Other Info: This movie was unreleased to the public. However a trailer was available.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 28

Movie: Blood Diner

Year: 1987

Budget: Unknown

About: Two brothers are in a cult and they worship a goddess named Shi’tar. And they have to grab parts from different people to resurrect the goddess. And they also run a diner called Blood Diner. Where they serve uhm, body parts as delicious dishes. Very strange and gross.

Review: Very cheesy and to be honest very creepy as well. If you are squeamish I would advise that you avoid this movie. There is blood and gore, and I am sure that would not be a good thing to see.

Other Info: This movie falls under the other two movies with an unknown budget.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 27

Movie: Damnation Alley

Year: 1977

Budget: 8 Million Dollars

About: A group of survivors try to live after a nuclear blast happens that turns the world into a wasteland.

Review: Very cheesy special effects, the ending boggled my mind and I wanted to ask many questions.

Other Info: Got tanked at the box office and also got poor reviews.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 26

Movie: Gigli

Year: 2003

Budget: 75.6 Million Dollars

About: Gigli, Ricki and Brian go on a roadtrip and get invovled with some crazy stuff. Oh by the way, Ricki’s actual name at the end of the movie is actually Rochelle.

Review: This was very bad. Sappy Music, lazy acting. It’s like a bad romcom. And I don’t get the whole Baywatch obsession.

Other Info: Rated as the worst film ever made, making less of 10 percent of it’s budget back.