TV Talk: Day 3

TV Show: BBC Sherlock

Aired: 2010 – ????

Other Info: Written by Steven Moffat (You know, Doctor Who)

About: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (Played awesomely well by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) solve crimes together like a buddy cop movie. (Except played in Modern Times)

Would i recommend: Yes, I got my mom into watching BBC Sherlock, and i think it worked. Give this a watch.

TV Talk: Day 2

Tv Show: Supernatural

Aired: 2005 – 2020

Other Info: There are ships that are not actually canon in the tv show. Such as: Destiel, Wincest, etc.

About: Sam and Dean Winchester, Brothers, Hunters. They fight off the Supernatural, and are helped by an angel of the lord named Castiel. Action packed, and really funny.

Extra Info: The show lasted 15 seasons and ended in 2020. It had two spinoffs, and now it has an upcoming reboot er.. spinoff?

Would i recommend: Yes. It’s so awesome!

TV Talk: Day 1

Tv Show: Doctor Who

Aired: 1963 – 1989, 2005 – ????

Other info: There was a TV Movie for the 8th doctor, but due to ratings it was never picked up for a series. So the reboot button had to be pressed.

About: A timelord named The Doctor from the planet Gallifrey, travels through out time and space in a type 40 police box called The Tardis. He travels with companions, and deals with his most dangerous enemies.

Would i recommend: Yes, it’s awesome and you will be shouting Geronimo every time.

Gif and Jif are not the same

Now before you go:

Let me explain the difference between Gif and Jif.

Gif: Is an image of something that moves so you can use in posts and it’s like playing a video.

Jif: Is a type of product that is peanut butter,  I don’t know why people call it that, stop it. Seriously.

Now that i explained it to you. Let me tell you something else. Gifs are not going anywhere for a long time. You can count on that. Now i leave you with this:

(Whoever is reading this post)


Bad Movie Watch: Day 5

Movie: The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes

Year: 2010

Budget: 1 million dollars

Plot: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Dinosaurs, Octopus, Some verison of a poor Iron Man, Explosions, pretty much explanatory.

Review: It was really cheesy. CGI ruined it, and seriously? Dinosaurs? I mean come on. Laaaazy. Not enough explosions either. If you love bad movies, give this a watch.

Other Info: This was a Direct-to-DVD film.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 4

Movie: Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie)

Year: 2009

Budget: 15 Million Dollars

Plot: Makes no sense.. was confused at the end of the movie.

Review: Before i begin, let me tell you something. I was on Rogers on Demand one day, and i came across this movie. I thought it was Halloween (The original) But when i saw this movie, i regret watching it. It wasn’t scary at all, it was just boring. If you like Rob Zombie, give this a watch. If not, i recommend other horror movies or the original Halloween.



Bad Movie Watch: Day 3

Movie: Batman and Robin

Year: 1997

Budget: $140 Million (Yes, that much)

Plot: Batman and Robin, team up to stop Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane. Along the way, they meet Batgirl and then it all goes downhill from there.

Review: If you like bad movies, and puns, this movie is for you. Just make sure you have some sort of drink ready just in case they say a pun or two. Or more.