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TV Talk: Day 3

TV Show: BBC Sherlock

Aired: 2010 – ????

Other Info: Written by Steven Moffat (You know, Doctor Who)

About: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson (Played awesomely well by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) solve crimes together like a buddy cop movie. (Except played in Modern Times)

Would i recommend: Yes, I got my mom into watching BBC Sherlock, and i think it worked. Give this a watch.

TV Talk: Day 2

Tv Show: Supernatural

Aired: 2005 – ????

Other Info: There are ships that are not actually canon in the tv show. Such as: Destiel, Wincest, etc.

About: Sam and Dean Winchester, Brothers, Hunters. They fight off the Supernatural, and are helped by an angel of the lord named Castiel. Action packed, and really funny.

Would i recommend: Yes. It’s so awesome!

TV Talk: Day 1

Tv Show: Doctor Who

Aired: 1963 – 1989, 2005 – ????

Other info: There was a TV Movie for the 8th doctor, but due to ratings it was never picked up for a series. So the reboot button had to be pressed.

About: A timelord named The Doctor from the planet Gallifrey, travels through out time and space in a type 40 police box called The Tardis. He travels with companions, and deals with his most dangerous enemies.

Would i recommend: Yes, it’s awesome and you will be shouting Geronimo every time.

Gif and Jif are not the same

Now before you go:

Let me explain the difference between Gif and Jif.

Gif: Is an image of something that moves so you can use in posts and it’s like playing a video.

Jif: Is a type of product that is peanut butter,  I don’t know why people call it that, stop it. Seriously.

Now that i explained it to you. Let me tell you something else. Gifs are not going anywhere for a long time. You can count on that. Now i leave you with this:

(Whoever is reading this post)


Bad Movie Watch: Day 7

Movie: Mission Impossible 3

Year: 2006

Budget: 150 million dollars

Plot: It has explosions, flying helicopters, kissing, Micro chip.

Review: At least it had explosions and lots of action..but the quiet moments didn’t help. And the ending..what was up with that? Ethan walking off with Julia for their honey moon?

Bad Movie Watch: Day 5

Movie: The Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes

Year: 2010

Budget: 1 million dollars

Plot: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Dinosaurs, Octopus, Some verison of a poor Iron Man, Explosions, pretty much explanatory.

Review: It was really cheesy. CGI ruined it, and seriously? Dinosaurs? I mean come on. Laaaazy. Not enough explosions either. If you love bad movies, give this a watch.

Other Info: This was a Direct-to-DVD film.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 4

Movie: Halloween 2 (Rob Zombie)

Year: 2009

Budget: 15 Million Dollars

Plot: Makes no sense.. was confused at the end of the movie.

Review: Before i begin, let me tell you something. I was on Rogers on Demand one day, and i came across this movie. I thought it was Halloween (The original) But when i saw this movie, i regret watching it. It wasn’t scary at all, it was just boring. If you like Rob Zombie, give this a watch. If not, i recommend other horror movies or the original Halloween.



Bad Movie Watch: Day 3

Movie: Batman and Robin

Year: 1997

Budget: $140 Million (Yes, that much)

Plot: Batman and Robin, team up to stop Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane. Along the way, they meet Batgirl and then it all goes downhill from there.

Review: If you like bad movies, and puns, this movie is for you. Just make sure you have some sort of drink ready just in case they say a pun or two. Or more.