TV Talk: Day 6

TV Show: Red Drawf

Aired: 1988 – 1993 (Original Run) 2012 – Present (Current)

Other Info: There was a USA pilot for Red Drawf, but it was so awful, it was soon forgotten and has never been seen again.

About: A mining ship called the Red Drawf owned by the Jupiter Mining Corporation, it’s crew were killed in a radiation leak, and Lister was suspended in animation for a million years. He is joined by Cat and Rimmer as they try to find there way back to Earth. Kryten joins them as well.

Would i recommend: Yes, it’s funny and very awesome to watch.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 20

Movie: Die Another Day

Year: 2002

Budget: 142 million dollars

About: Smuggling Diamonds, a Plot that is so thick like molasses. Did i mention that Madonna has a cameo in the movie? Well now you know.

Review: Halle Berry wears a leather jumpsuit. Puns galore. Ending is lame. Theme song is horrible. (Madonna sings the theme song)

Other Info: It made $431,971,116 million dollars at the box office.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 19

Movie: Catwoman

Year: 2004

Budget: 100 million dollars

About: Based on Catwoman from The DC universe, It screws up everything about Catwoman. Bad effects, bad acting, bad CGI, and the villains are a group of idiots running a makeup company. Also, 100 million dollars. I bet they spent that budget for the CGI and the costume with the whip.

Review: It’s bad. The soundtrack is very confusing, it was like whoever made the soundtrack was drunk, and decided to mishmash songs and placed them in random order. The ending was terrible, and i hope someone makes a good Catwoman movie in the future.

Other Info: It made $82, 102, 379 million dollars at the box office. Also, it received Razzie Awards.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 18

Movie: Never Say Never Again

Year: 1983

Budget: 36 million dollars

About: An unofficial James Bond movie, James Bond fights SPECTRE, and Fargo. It’s so cheesy, that the plot can be summed up like this. “Explosions, Shooting, Making Out, Explosions, Death, Make out some more. End Credits”

Review: Cheesy. VERY CHEESY. That is all.

Bad Movie Watch: Day 17

Movie: Escape from L.A.

Year: 1996

Budget: 50 million dollars

About: Sequel to Escape from New York, Snake Plissken is now in L.A. Looking for the president, and trying to stop a drug lord from taking over the world.

Review: Saw this movie a long time ago, it was not up to par like Escape from New York. Also the ending was cheesy. Snake Plissken breaking the 4th wall by telling the viewer “Welcome to the human race”

Other Info: It made $25,426,861 dollars at the box office.

Supernatural: Ships

As you may know, Supernatural has ships that are not actually canon, but only found on the internet. I only ship:

Destiel (Dean and Castiel)

And in the words of Dean Winchester:

Oh Dean, you are too awesome. Go on a date with Castiel and order pie for him and you to share together.