Supernatural: Dream Episode?

I’ll clear this up before I begin. A dream episode is an episode in which you dreamed about and wish it was real. (I could be wrong on that though)

Anyway, my dream episode for Supernatural would be about The Viewer (In their POV) being sent into the Supernatural Universe by an angel or a creature with the power to send people to another universe. And then Sam and Dean try to help the viewer figure out what happened and help them get back to where they belong.

While thats going on, Sam, Dean and The Viewer chat about their own lives. Castiel may appear at one point to help them along the way too. Sam and Dean aren’t really sure if they should trust The Viewer or not but its up to the episode itself to see where it goes.

And once they figure out what happened, they stop whoever is behind it all and use a spell to bring The Viewer back to their own Universe. (With the help of Castiel’s angel mojo of course)

Then the episode ends with The Viewer smiling because they just had an awesome time working alongside The Winchester brothers. And then Carry on wayward son plays near the end as The Winchester brothers drive off in The Impala and they both wave goodbye to the camera (As if they were waving at us) before the screen goes black and the credits roll.

Pretty neat huh? It kinda reminds me of the Season 11 episode Baby. Except the POV was in the Impala.

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