Supernatural: Favorite Songs?

I’ll try to clarify what I mean by this. A favorite song or songs from Supernatural that you like very much. There are so many songs used in the show so I’ll list a few of my favorites since I can’t pick one.

  1. Carry on wayward son by Kansas – Played mostly during the road so far recap. Its also known as the unofficial song of Supernatural.
  2. Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi – Kinda describes Dean Winchester. And its awesome.
  3. Back in Black by AC/DC – You will be rocking out to this tune while driving along the highway.
  4. Fight The Good Fight by Triumph – One of those confidence boost songs. Getting ready for the battle of a lifetime.
  5. Renegade by Styx – I think this song describes both Sam and Dean. Or just one of the brothers. But its worth a listen.
  6. When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin – Its a really good song. It was used in the episode Swan Song if I can recall.

And that’s the list.

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