Batman Beyond

What can I tell you about Batman Beyond? Its an awesome show. I really like the setting and the characters. I also think Terry McGinnis is cute as well. I haven’t finished it yet since I’m taking my time watching it. It only had 3 seasons and a movie.

The movie was called Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker (Or for people in Europe and other places, Batman of The Future: Return of The Joker) There was also two versions of the movie. A uncut version (PG – 13) and a censored version (Not Rated). The uncut version left everything in tact. However for the censored version, they had to heavily edit things in the movie. I’ll explain down below.

So what happened was that the blood color was changed from red (Uncut) to purple in the censored version. And scenes had to be cut or changed due to the content in the censored version as well. The ending however, depending what version you watch is the same thing but something is a bit different when you see the scene in which Harley bails The Dee Dee Twins out of jail. In the uncut version you see Elderly Harley Quinn wearing blue and purple. In the censored version She is wearing red and black like her Jester Outfit.

This is the only movie with the two cuts. And it has a cool Soundtrack. The movie is amazing and just seeing everything collide together makes it a good watch. Just be prepared when you see The Joker and his Jokerz crew. They are dangerous.

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