TV Talk: Day 36

Tv Show: MacGyver (2016)

Aired: September 23rd, 2016 – Present

About: Lucas Till plays a younger version of Angus MacGyver. This is a reboot of the original show of the same name which starred Richard Dean Anderson in the title role.

Would I recommend: Yes, I would. It’s actually a good reboot.

Other Info: If you want a gist of the show, MacGyver (The Original and The Reboot) is pretty much about a man named Angus MacGyver using everyday objects as equipment and creating stuff out of those objects to help him save the day. And he also works for the US Government.

Extra Info: There was a planned spinoff called Young MacGyver in 2003 with Jared Padalecki but only the pilot was made. Yeah, sounds awesome now that I think about it. Who knew that information would be so cool to find out about.


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