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Random Post 33

Doctor Who returns in the fall and I’m looking forward to see what happens in Series 9. I wonder if Clara is actually The Doctor’s granddaughter. It would be interesting to see that. But you may never know.


TV Talk: Day 16

Tv show: Video on Trial

Aired: August 15 2005 – July 6th 2014

About: A panel of jurors critique five music videos in a courtroom-esque manner. They also poke fun at and question each artist’s behavior.

Would I recommend: Yes, it’s very funny, and enjoyable. The episodes are on Youtube if you want to check it out.

Other Info: When Video on Trial got a revamp with Season 9, only 4 episodes were produced and the show was cancelled as part of significant cutbacks at Bell Media on July 11th 2014.


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Random Post 32

Bobby Singer from Supernatural will be remembered as the person who said “Idjits” And was willing to help Sam and Dean every step of the way. You were awesome.

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Random Post 31

It’s March! The countdown to spring still continues!


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