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Random Post 68

Happy Halloween!

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Random Post 67

Countdown to Halloween continues. (With just 6 days remaining)


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Bad Movie Watch: Day 29

Movie: The Fantastic Four

Year: 1994

Budget: 1 Million dollars

About: Roger Corman’s take on the Fantastic Four.

Review: I actually didn’t mind this movie, it’s one of those movies that even though it’s cheesy you can still watch it. On the plus side is that Dr.Doom actually looks cool.

Other Info: This movie was unreleased to the public. However a trailer was available.


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Random Post 66

Fall is here, and the leaves are falling down from the trees. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to get cold very soon. Well, that’s what I think at least.


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Random Post 65

I am back from Toronto. I was really tired on Sunday so I wasn’t able to make a post. However I had a fun time and I met Misha, Jared and Jensen.

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Random Post 64

No more days remaining in the countdown. Onwards to Toronto! Geronimo!

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Random Post 63

One day left in the countdown. This is going to be awesome.


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Random Post 62

Two days remaining in the countdown.


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Random Post 61

Three days left in the countdown!


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Random Post 60

October is here! The countdown is getting close. With just a few days remaining.

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