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Random Post 43

I think we are getting a weird season change this year. First a Short Spring, now we just jump right into Summer.

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Random Post 42

Countdown begins for my 20th birthday!


Random Post 41

Remember the episode Mystery Spot when Dean dies and it repeats over and over again? That was a good one.


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Bad Movie Watch: Day 26

Movie: Gigli

Year: 2003

Budget: 75.6 Million Dollars

About: Gigli, Ricki and Brian go on a roadtrip and get invovled with some crazy stuff. Oh by the way, Ricki’s actual name at the end of the movie is actually Rochelle.

Review: This was very bad. Sappy Music, lazy acting. It’s like a bad romcom. And I don’t get the whole Baywatch obsession.

Other Info: Rated as the worst film ever made, making less of 10 percent of it’s budget back.

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