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Random Post 23

Happy Holidays everyone! May your December and Christmas (And other holidays) be wonderful and full of colorful joy. Treats and Egg Nog await as well. I miss having Egg Nog.


Random Post 22

Sam and Dean keep coming back because they are awesome. Fun Fact brought to you by this blog.



Tv Talk: Day 11

Tv Show: Danger Mouse

Aired: 28th September 1981 – 19th March 1992 (Original) 28th September 2015 – ???? (Reboot)

About: Danger Mouse, a secret agent living in a pillar box (In London) joining alongside him is his assistant Penfold. They face the most dangerous schemes plotted by his enemy named Baron Silas Greenback, who will stop at nothing to take over the world. Greenback also has a pet named Nero. And a henchmen named Stiletto.

Would I recommend: Yes. It’s a very good show with good animation for its time. So give it a watch if you can hunt it down online.

Other Info: Danger Mouse will be getting a reboot and it will be airing September 28th 2015.



Random Post 21

Just a quick heads up, I am going to try to make my own blog theme. So you may not see me posting for a while until I get everything set up and get it working. So I will leave you with this:


Random Post 20

Halifax this Thursday! (Nov. 6th 2014)

Halcon this Friday! (Nov. 7th 2014)

I shall be updating posts before I go. So without further ado, lets begin! I will make more posts when I return.

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