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Random Post 35

I miss the good days of music. Where you can just listen to them and play them at parties. Now it’s just a wibbly wobbly timey wimey mess. I personally prefer music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90s and 2000’s.

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Bad Movie Watch: Day 25

Movie: Drive-In Movie Massacre

Year: 1977

Budget: Unknown

About: A madman with a machete surprises viewers at a drive-in movie.

Review: This movie was bad, and the ending? Good grief.

Other Info: Another movie with an unknown budget. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here.

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TV Talk: Day 18

Tv show: The Sopranos

Aired: January 10th, 1999 – June 10th, 2007

About: It revolves around a fictional Italian-American Mafia family In Northern New Jersey lead by Tony Soprano.

Would I recommend: If you like Crime or Drama then this is the show for you.

Other Info: I’m very lucky to find shows like these.


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Bad Movie Watch: Day 24

Movie: Don’t Look in the Basement (Or known as The Forgotten)

Year: 1973

Budget: 100,000 Thousand Dollars

About: It involves an asylum and it’s very creepy.

Review: It was cheesy but not that bad.

Other Info: You can find the movie on Youtube.



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Supernatural: Who is Dean Winchester?

Dean Winchester is a fast food junkie and enjoys listening to Classic Rock music. He is a mechanic and enjoys long walks on the beach. He cares alot about his brother Sam. He had been though alot of things, but he is still alive just like Sam. We can only hope for what is yet to come. Carry on Dean, The Squirrel.


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Supernatural: Who is Sam Winchester?

Sam Winchester is the cute and nerdy one. He enjoys researching and likes salads. He was possessed by a demon once and also possessed by an angel. He went through alot actually, but he is still alive. We can always count on Sam, The Moose.

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TV Talk: Day 17

Tv show: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Aired: August 28th, 1993 – November 27th, 1995 (There was a re-version in 2010 which had a new logo, comic book-reference graphics and extra alternative special effects)

About: A group of teenagers are teleported to Zordon and then become Power Rangers to stop the evil Rita Repulsa from taking over Earth.

Would I recommend: If you are a Power Rangers Fan.

Other Info: I used to watch this show.

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Random Post 34

Comic-Con countdown begins!

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