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Bad Movie Watch: Day 22

Movie: Blues Brothers 2000

Year: 1998

Budget: 28 million dollars

About: Elwood Blues is released from a private prison. And he learns that his brother Jake Blues is dead. And his father figure Curtis. So he sets off on the same mission from god plot from the first movie. And it goes down hill from there.

Review: Ooh boy, where should i start with this one. First of all, there is no John Belushi. Second of all, John Goodman?! Why? I like the first Blues Brothers better. And the ending is just silly. Silly i tell you!

Other: It was given mixed reviews, mostly negative. And that’s not the best part. There was a Blues Brothers 2000 video game for the N64. It was poorly received, mainly because the movie didn’t do so well. Earning 18 million out of it’s 28 million dollar budget. And Blues Brothers 2000 will go down as one of the worst movies ever made. Next to Batman and Robin, and Catwoman of course.






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Bad Movie Watch: Day 21

Movie: Godzilla

Year: 1998

Budget: 130 million dollars

About: Dr. Tatopoulos (Confusing name) is a worm scientist who discovers there is a mutant lizard on the loose and tries to stop it with Audrey and the rest of New York.

Review: Godzilla looks like a CGI mess. Way to go Tri-Star, for ruining this movie.

Other Info: Godzilla (2014) appears to be a big hit.



Random Post 6

2 months until i’m 19!



Random Post 5

So i stopped watching Dexter when i got to Season 4. Dexter married Rita and now it’s conflicting with his life as a serial killer. I only like Season 1-3. Season 4 is just:


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Random Post 4

Comic Con was awesome, and very fun. I hope it will be awesome again next year.

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Random Post 3

Today is the day! Geronimo!

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Random Post 2

Comic Con Tommorrow! (Friday May 9th)

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Random Post

Comic Con this weekend! So excited!