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Miami Vice: Favorite Songs?

Since there is alot to choose from I’m just going to list my favorites.

  1. In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins
  2. Bad Attitude/New Girl Now – Honeymoon Suite (Tie)
  3. In The Night/Voices – Russ Ballard (Tie)
  4. Go Insane – Lindsey Buckingham
  5. Eminence Front – The Who
  6. You Belong to the City/Smuggler’s Blues – Glenn Frey (Tie)
  7. Heartbeat – Red 7
  8. Girls with Guns/Dangerous Game – Tommy Shaw (Tie)
  9. I want to make the world turn around – Steve Miller Band
  10. Relax – Frankie Goes to Hollywood

And that is the list.

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Miami Vice: Final Report

Out of all of the seasons of Miami Vice i watched, Seasons 1-3 are my favorite seasons. Seasons 4 and 5 however, are my least favorite seasons.

The only episode I enjoyed from Season 5 was Freefall. (Series Finale) The rest of the episodes from Season 4 and Season 5 were either okay, or not great at all.

Too Much, Too Late (from Season 5) is the only episode I am not going to watch again due to its content. (NBC refused to air it due to the content. And they were right about the content.)

Missing Hours from Season 4, made no sense. It wasn’t really about Miami Vice and it was more about the paranormal.. James Brown being an alien.. and that Peanut Butter dream sequence. This is where it jumped the shark for me.

The Sonny Burnett arc was okay, but there was consequences once it concluded. And Sonny Crockett wasn’t the same after that.

Overall, a good ending to a series with the series finale Freefall. And now I leave you with the words that started it all for the series and ended it with them as well.

Crockett: Hey, Tubbs. You ever consider a career in southern law enforcement?

Tubbs: Maybe. Maybe.


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Miami Vice: Favorite Season So Far?

I would have to say Season One. It is just so awesome. Season Two was alright. Season Three, it was okay. But Season Four was not very good. I mean there are episodes that were okay but the episode that destroyed my hope for the season was the Missing Hours episode. I’m currently on Season Five. So once I finish that, I’ll give my final report on it.

Kinda like submitting a case file to the lieutenant of a police department.

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Miami Vice: Favorite Episode?

The Pilot (Also known as Brother’s Keeper) from Season 1. I like the episode and its plot, also Crockett looks cute with short hair. This episode pretty much got me hooked on Miami Vice. Because it uses Original Music/Songs which makes the show really enjoyable.

Some other information that may be really interesting to know is that the Region 1 DVD of Miami Vice showed the episode in its entirety. For the Region 2 DVD of Miami Vice, showed the episode in two parts.

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Miami Vice: Which Season Jumped the Shark?

Season 4. It became more of a soap opera and there was some action but not like the other seasons I have watched so far. I have yet to watch Season 5. But Crockett has longer hair now, and Tubbs has a beard. Also Crockett got married.

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Miami Vice: Least Favorite Episode?

The episode Missing Hours from Season 4. It was weird, and too cheesy for my taste. Also this scene made no sense. I guess Season 4 is where they jumped the shark.

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Miami Vice: Favorite Character?

My favorite character would have to be Sonny Crockett. He’s so adorable and awesome, and also kind. Also, that hair is really cool too.

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