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TV Talk: Day 28

Tv show: Murder She Wrote

Aired: September 30, 1984 – May 19, 1996

About: Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) Is a mystery writer who is also a amateur detective.

Would I recommend: Yes. Its a really good show.

Other Info: It has 12 seasons and 4 TV Movies.

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TV Talk: Day 27

Tv show: Miami Vice

Aired: September 16th, 1984 – June 28th, 1989

About: James “Sonny” Crockett (Don Johnson) and his Partner, Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) are two detectives with the Metro-Dade Police Department who work undercover in Miami.

Would I recommend: Yes I would. I enjoy the setting and the score by Jan Hammer.

Other Info: There was a movie called Miami Vice with Collin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. It was released in 2006. It is also a film adaptation of the tv show.

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TV Talk: Day 26

Tv show: Magnum P.I.

Aired: December 11th, 1980 – May 8th, 1988

About: Thomas Magnum is a private investigator solving cases in Hawaii.

Would I recommend: Yes, I would. Its really good and I enjoy the setting, and of course the main character himself.

Other Info: There have been crossover episodes with Murder She Wrote and also Simon and Simon. Depending on the crossover the plot concluded on their shows respectively. However, for re-runs and broadcast overseas, they filmed alternate endings instead so its more of a stand alone story and it wraps things up instead of being a two parter episode.

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TV Talk: Day 25

Tv show: Peaky Blinders

Aired: September 12th, 2013 – Ongoing

About: It’s about a gangster family living in Birmingham, England in the year 1919.

Would I recommend: Yes, if you like the setting or the plot or just the characters in general then go for it.

Other Info: It kinda reminds me of Boardwalk Empire.

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Tv Talk: Day 24

Tv show: Batman Beyond

Aired: January 10th, 1999 – December 18th, 2001

About: Gotham is set in the future and there is a new Batman ready to fight crime in the dangerous streets.

Would I recommend: Yes. If you like DC and Batman give this a watch.

Other Info: There is a movie called Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker if you want to give that a watch as well.

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Tv Talk: Day 23

Tv show: Mad TV

Aired: October 14th, 1995 – May 16th, 2009 (Fox)

About: A sketch comedy show featuring different cast members.

Would I recommend: Yes. It’s really funny.

Other Info: It was revived on the CW in 2016.

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Tv Talk: Day 22

Tv Show: Iron Man: Armored Adventures

Aired: April 24th, 2009 – July 25th, 2012

About: The life of Teenager Tony Stark and his alter ego Iron Man as he battles foes and goes on dangerous adventures. Alongside him are his friends James “Rhodey” Rhodes and Pepper Potts.

Would I recommend: If you are a fan of Marvel, and Iron Man then yes.

Other: This show is actually really good. The theme song is catchy, almost like giving you that boost of confidence. It only lasted two Seasons though. So if you can find this show give it a watch. Trust me, you won’t regret it.



Tv Talk: Day 21

Tv Show: Columbo

Aired: 1968-1978 (NBC Years) – 1989 – 2003 (ABC Years)

About: A homicide police detective named Columbo works for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Would I recommend: Yes I would. It’s really good and I think Columbo is cute. Not sure if that’s weird or not.

Other Info: The Pilots And Seasons 1-7 were aired on NBC. Then Seasons 8-10 were aired on ABC. The show ended on January 30th, 2003.


Tv Talk: Day 20

Tv show: Smallville

Aired: October 16th, 2001 (WB) – May 13th, 2011 (CW)

About: The origin of Clark Kent and how he became Superman. He lives in Smallville, Kansas and attends Smallville High School. He also deals with problems of his own as well.

Would I recommend: Yes I would. Tom Welling is awesome as Clark Kent. And the story is really interesting as well.

Other Info: Jensen Ackles plays Jason Teague in Season 4. Also, Season 1-5 aired on the WB before it was merged with the UPN to form the CW. Seasons 6-10 aired on the CW. It ended on May 13th, 2011.


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Tv Talk: Day 19

Tv show: Dark Angel

Aired: October 3rd, 2000 – May 3rd, 2002

About: A transgenic named Max escapes from Manticore and starts a new life. She meets Logan and works at Jam Pony. The rest goes on from there.

Would I recommend: Yes, I would. It’s awesome and a good show for it’s time.

Other Info: Cancelled due to low ratings.

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