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Bad Movie Watch: Day 23

Movie: Wild Wild West

Year: 1999

Budget: 170 Million Dollars

About: Captain James West and Marshall Artemus Gordon, set off to stop Loveless from trying to destroy the US government. They save Rita, who is looking for her father but James West and Artemus Gordon soon find out at the end that her father was actually her husband.

Review: It was a cheesy movie, nothing much else to say. I didn’t mind the song “Wild Wild West” by Will Smith though. Also “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias wasn’t bad either. Those are the only two songs that were played during the ending credits.

Other Info: This movie has received negative reviews.



Bad Movie Watch: Day 22

Movie: Blues Brothers 2000

Year: 1998

Budget: 28 million dollars

About: Elwood Blues is released from a private prison. And he learns that his brother Jake Blues is dead. And his father figure Curtis. So he sets off on the same mission from god plot from the first movie. And it goes down hill from there.

Review: Ooh boy, where should i start with this one. First of all, there is no John Belushi. Second of all, John Goodman?! Why? I like the first Blues Brothers better. And the ending is just silly. Silly i tell you!

Other: It was given mixed reviews, mostly negative. And that’s not the best part. There was a Blues Brothers 2000 video game for the N64. It was poorly received, mainly because the movie didn’t do so well. Earning 18 million out of it’s 28 million dollar budget. And Blues Brothers 2000 will go down as one of the worst movies ever made. Next to Batman and Robin, and Catwoman of course.






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Bad Movie Watch: Day 21

Movie: Godzilla

Year: 1998

Budget: 130 million dollars

About: Dr. Tatopoulos (Confusing name) is a worm scientist who discovers there is a mutant lizard on the loose and tries to stop it with Audrey and the rest of New York.

Review: Godzilla looks like a CGI mess. Way to go Tri-Star, for ruining this movie.

Other Info: Godzilla (2014) appears to be a big hit.



Bad Movie Watch: Day 20

Movie: Die Another Day

Year: 2002

Budget: 142 million dollars

About: Smuggling Diamonds, a Plot that is so thick like molasses. Did i mention that Madonna has a cameo in the movie? Well now you know.

Review: Halle Berry wears a leather jumpsuit. Puns galore. Ending is lame. Theme song is horrible. (Madonna sings the theme song)

Other Info: It made $431,971,116 million dollars at the box office.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 19

Movie: Catwoman

Year: 2004

Budget: 100 million dollars

About: Based on Catwoman from The DC universe, It screws up everything about Catwoman. Bad effects, bad acting, bad CGI, and the villains are a group of idiots running a makeup company. Also, 100 million dollars. I bet they spent that budget for the CGI and the costume with the whip.

Review: It’s bad. The soundtrack is very confusing, it was like whoever made the soundtrack was drunk, and decided to mishmash songs and placed them in random order. The ending was terrible, and i hope someone makes a good Catwoman movie in the future.

Other Info: It made $82, 102, 379 million dollars at the box office. Also, it received Razzie Awards.



Bad Movie Watch: Day 18

Movie: Never Say Never Again

Year: 1983

Budget: 36 million dollars

About: An unofficial James Bond movie, James Bond fights SPECTRE, and Fargo. It’s so cheesy, that the plot can be summed up like this. “Explosions, Shooting, Making Out, Explosions, Death, Make out some more. End Credits”

Review: Cheesy. VERY CHEESY. That is all.

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Bad Movie Watch: Day 17

Movie: Escape from L.A.

Year: 1996

Budget: 50 million dollars

About: Sequel to Escape from New York, Snake Plissken is now in L.A. Looking for the president, and trying to stop a drug lord from taking over the world.

Review: Saw this movie a long time ago, it was not up to par like Escape from New York. Also the ending was cheesy. Snake Plissken breaking the 4th wall by telling the viewer “Welcome to the human race”

Other Info: It made $25,426,861 dollars at the box office.


Bad Movie Watch: Day 16

Movie: Sharknado

Year: 2013

Budget: $250,000

About: A hurricane hits LA, causing sharks to appear.

Review: I was at my friend’s house and i saw this movie. It was cheesy, but not a bad movie.

Other Info: The Australian guy in the movie, i noticed that he looked a bit like John Winchester from Supernatural.


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Bad Movie Watch: Day 15

Movie: Manos: The Hands of Fate

Year: 1966

Budget: $19,000

About: A hapless family on a car trip in rural Texas take refuge at an inn that harbors a deadly cult.

Review: I actually saw this movie on MST3k. It was bad, really bad. Many movies are worse, but this one takes the cake. If you are willing to sit through this movie, it will get boring at some point, so grab some popcorn, chips, or whatever you have in the pantry and enjoy this snooze fest.

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Bad Movie Watch: Day 14

Movie: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Year: 1990

Budget: Unknown

About: A rock and roll detective named Ford Fairlane (Yes, it’s silly) solves a case about a murdered Rock Star. And blah blah blah.

Review: The most cheesiest movie ever watched. You can give this a watch. But just remember this: Ford Fairlane is the most insane rock and roll detective i have ever seen.

Other Info: This movie got razzies, for Worst Actor, Worst Picture, and Worst Screen Play. It was also nominated for Worst Director, and Twice for Worst Supporting Actor. Box Office: $21, 413, 250. (Domestic)